Lemon-Aide's Friends


     When Lesa Moser began her chemo treatments for ovarian cancer two of her friends decided to visit her during her first treatment and take a gift to let her know they were thinking of her. They purchased a small clown with bright yellow hair in the hospital gift shop at Colquitt Regional Medical Center in Moultrie, Georgia. On the way up to the treatment room, one of them named him Lemon-Aide because of his bright yellow hair. They told Lesa that he was to accompany her to all of her treatments.

     After she completed the treatments Sharon Herndon (one of the two friends) asked how Lemon-Aide was doing. She replied that he was fine and that she had decided to pass him along when someone else needed him. Shockingly, a few months later she passed him along to Sharon and Lemon-Aide went with her to all of her treatments for breast cancer. In a few short months, Lemon-Aide was passed to the fourth patient, Karin Kastetter, in Asheville, North Carolina. The friends added a cape to the clown and had the names of each person who had taken him to treatments and the date of their diagnosis put on the cape. One day while waiting for her doctor at Phoebe Putney Cancer Center in Albany, Georgia, Sharon asked her husband if he thought she should market Lemon-Aide and give the money to fight cancer. He thought it was a great idea. After a conversation with Lesa they formed Lemon-Aide's Friends, Inc. a non-profit 501 (3) (c) corporation. After expenses are paid they plan to donate all the money raised from the sale of the Lemon-Aide clowns and other products to fight cancer.

     Lemon-Aide is not just any ordinary clown. Since cancer affects not only the body but also the emotions Lemon-Aide is on a special mission to give love and support to those with cancer as well as to serve as an encourager to help patients maintain a positive mental and emotional attitude. Lemon-Aide will be offered for sale in hospital gift shops, cancer treatment centers etc.