Lemon-Aide's Friends

To find locations to offer myself for adoption by both children and adults who are
dealing with cancer in order to provide them with smiling and loving support.

• Presently available for adoption in 34 locations
• 2004 Began a country wide journey across the United States to
find locations where I can be adopted by other cancer victims or their friends
• 2003 Provided love and support for a friend diagnosed with breast cancer
• 2002 Began my effort to assist cancer patients by providing love and
support for a friend diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
• Appeared on television and in newspapers to help spread the word that I am available to
help cancer patients

• Graduate of the University of Clowning Anywhere U.S.A
• Graduate of the School of Difficulty Everywhere U.S.A.
• Certificate in adoption University of the World

• Can provide smiling support to persons taking chemotherapy
• Can travel worldwide to show love and compassion
• Can speak the universal language of love

• Lemon-Aide's Friends, Inc., P.O.Box 1244, Moultrie, Georgia 31776 Ph: 229-873-2419